GYZMOReturns Infinity War

Gyzmo Infinity War is the play-to-earn game of the Gyzmo project. With this game you will enjoy not only playing but also receiving rewards in tokens.

The Gyzmos are an ancient galactic race whose origin is lost in the mists of time, beyond the belt of Orion. The first Gyzmos to visit Earth did so in the 1980s, but those were just one of many Gyzmos out there. Being such an ancient race, their power and exploration has led them not only to the confines of this universe but also to populate different universes, each one with its own laws and characteristics. Until today, each Gyzmo Universe coexisted in harmony and their paths did not intersect, but a threat has arisen that requires the joint power of all the multiverses. The Lords of Dark Time also known as Grymmos have appeared in the multiverse willing to destroy not only all universes but also all time lines, bending the very substance of space-time. To combat this unprecedented threat, a sacred alliance of Gyzmos from different universes has been created who will fight to defeat all the Grymmos and their warlord Lord GREMLOK whose power is almost unimaginable.

The objective of the Gyzmos is to mine the Orichalcum, a legendary magical mineral that will allow them to save their universes by using it in the fight against the powers of the dark side. We will first have a version of Player versus Engine or PVE in which each player will have 5 Gyzmos (NFTs previously bought) who will face off on 3 consecutive screens with different Grymmors and on the final screen with a higher level Grymmor villain. Each Gyzmo has 5 basic characteristics for combat: strength, endurance, speed, agility and healing. These characteristics affect the amount of life available. The greater the force, the greater the damage in the attack. The higher the resistance, the less damage received in the attack. The faster you are, the more likely you are to attack first and the more agility you are, the more likely you are to dodge an attack. With the ability to heal vitality is regenerated. Each Gyzmo typology will have specific abilities depending on its universe of origin. Thus, for example, the prehistoric one will have greater strength but less intelligence. It would be the typical 'tank'. The player must carry out 4 of these battles (tasks) every day to obtain 1000 units of Orichalcum (250 for each battle won) with which they will have obtained the daily amount necessary to mine the corresponding tokens, which will be calculated according to what is explained in the Tokenomics section. It must be taken into account the player has an amount of energy that he will spend in each battle, having 100 units of gyzmic energy every day, spending 20 in each battle. After this, there will be a Player Versus Player or PVP version in which each player can face another player. The important thing here is that in this case tokens will not be mined but rather each player will decide how many tokens they want to bet on and whoever wins will get the tokens bet minus 5% that will be automatically burned to contribute to the token's deflationary mechanism.

For all this development of the play-to-earn game we have established the following milestones

Conceptual Design
NFTs game on sale
Initial game development
Alpha testing
Code review for alpha testing
Beta testing
Code Review for beta testing
Beta Launching
NFTs game on sale
Launching Version 2 with PVE.
Launching Version 2 con PVP
Community Feedback

Gyzmo's Landing

Discover how our GYZMOS reproduce nonstop. Be part of our community to know when the new ones arrive as well as the characteristics of those that already exist.

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Dyno Verse

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Vampyr Verse

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GYZMOReturns Airdrops & Contests

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Jamonswap Teaser Mistery Codes Available codes 1 @cheesus11 @LocoCripto @drako8 @pabliko81 @Emiliano @Maky de la Reml @Raulmanv @OZZELITO @macz73
Web Mistery Codes Presale Available codes 7 @xgimmed @grobapol @sergio


In order to access the contest the following conditions must be met
1. Not have used email before for this contest
2. Not have previously used the wallet for this contest
3. The code must exist
4. The code must not have been previously validated by another user
5. You must be part of our Telegram channels
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GYZMOReturns Staking

Earn passive income with Gyzmo. Just take advantage of our staking system and generate more and more profits. Gyzmo doesn't just multiply with water.

Total Rewards 1 YEAR


Total profit 1 YEAR



CHARITY, GAMES , NFT's! GYZMO It is a solidarity cryptocurrency, managed by its community, with use in the real world. Using your commissions to help children in need. The GYZMO community will participate and interact to actively decide how to manage the aid to children in need.


Pending Confirmation

We are finalizing preparations with dates for the different presales and subsequent appearance on DEX

What does GYZMO stand out for?


Our ultimate goal is aimed at benefiting the people most in need, therefore, our dream is to have the satisfaction of making GYZMO ​​the most supportive token of all


In our roadmap it is contemplated that GYZMO will reward you if you leave your GYZMO staking. You will receive more GYZMO by keeping your tokens. Check our Roadmap to see what things we will do together along the way

AIRDROP NFT to verified wallets

In our Roadmap it is foreseen that we will give away various NFTs when meeting certain requirements, get a special and authentic design exclusive to GYZMO. The NFTs from our adorable GYZMO also arrive in your wallet for free if you hold with us.


From being a Christmas gift bought in a Chinese antique store to a revolution in New York, we know it, we love it.


great investment opportunity

In addition to all these advantages, obviously, GYZMO is a great investment opportunity, our value as a token will grow until we reach the moon. Do you want to go with us?


1% Charitable aid

1% of each transaction will go to a wallet, which you can always consult, destined to aid to the charity that the holders decide in our periodic aid vote

0.5% Instantly Burned

0.5% of the value of each transaction will be sent in GYZMO tokens to a wallet without keys or access that you can always consult. In this way the supply will also decrease to more transactions carried out to achieve the goal of 50% burn

2.5% Cashback to holders

In our Roadmap, being a Holder brings you benefits. In the future we will reward you with GYZMO for having them in your wallet, you will have more and more passing the time !! We will also give you exclusive NFTs for meeting certain requirements

1% improvement and research

There is no one to stop our team, they need to investigate, carry out many implementations that make GYZMO continue with vitality for a long time.


Q4 / 2021

Presentation in society

Appearance in Social Networks

Spanish Web Version

Arabic Web Version

Chinese Web Version


Q1 / 2022

Presale start

Presale finished

SCA - Smart Contract Audit completed by BSC Checker

Q2 / 2022

Decentralized Exchange


Listed on Coinmarketcap / Coingecko

Q3 / 2022

NGO voting system


Q2 / 2022

Decentralized Exchange

Q4 / 2022

Smart Contracts direct donation to NGO of choice




Total Supply

250,000,000 GYZMO MSAOHhgH0B

Supply in circulation

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Logo Gyzmo



Helping the world in a dynamic and interactive way

GYZMO creates ties between the GYZMO token investor and charities around the world. Each month our holders will choose which organization will receive our grants.


GYZMO ORG Will come reality

Our future is an organization managed by our members and where our Holders will have a lot to say. We will buy toys in our online store with your GYZMO and holders decide which organization will receive them in less than 48 hours.



Because GYZMO is a new token with enormous growth potential, in which there is a team behind it eager to make this project very big. Among the many benefits of becoming a GYZMOLOVER are that you will soon be able to start staking with your GYZMOs, see our first collections of NFTs and even Play to Earn games with which in addition to fun you can earn money. If you by on Pinksale presale you will have a 30% profit before listing and more benefit afte listing on pancakeswap. But in addition to all this you will be helping needy children with a percentage of the commissions and helping us to continue improving this project to enjoy it together with all of you.

Presale is open to everyone through Pinksale, but is limited to a maximum of 200 BNB

You can buy on the Pinksale platform, here:

The pre-sale will last one month from the beginning or until the token limit is reached.

Once the pre-sale is over, you can buy and sell freely through Pancakeswap and other DEXs.

The minimum purchase is 0.01 BNB and the maximum per wallet is limited to 3 BNB.

NO, for the presale you can use the metamask wallet configured in the BSC network or another of the wallets compatible with this network, such as Trust Wallet.

You only need to have BNB to buy GYZMO and to pay the commissions.

If you use Metamask you will have to configure your wallet to be able to use it on the BSC (Binance Smart Chain) network. It is very simple and you have many tutorials on the internet on how to do it. If you use Trust Wallet you will not have to do anything since the BSC network comes by default.

As it is a new token, you will have to add it manually in Metamask. You will only have to click to add token and type the address of the GYZMO contract, the other fields will be filled in automatically and you click accept and DONE, you will already have your balance visible.

You can make the purchase from both, if you do it from the smartphone it will have to be from the Metamask browser or from Kiwi Browser to be able to link your wallet with Pinksale. If you can, it is preferable to do it from a PC.

You will have to buy both cryptocurrencies in a centralized exchange such as Binance, once you have bought them you will have to send the funds you want to your wallet through the BSC network.


Once in your Metamask wallet go to Settings / Networks / Add network. Once there, copy this data into the corresponding boxes and then click on add: NETWORK NAME: Smart Chain RPC URL: CHAINID: 56 SYMBOL: BNB BLOCK EXPLORER URL:

When the presale is over and the token is listed on Pancakeswap you will receive the GYZMOs in your wallets.

YES, the team's tokens will be blocked for 6 months and then they will be progressively released on a monthly basis.

YES, liquidity will be blocked for at least one year.

YES, you can buy again what you want up to a maximum of 3 BNB per wallet.

To receive the NFT you will have to be part of the list of the first 1000 and you will have to make a purchase of the new token. Once the purchase is made, you will have to contact one of the official admins of the Telegram groups and give them the hash of the purchase, your email and the whitelist code. Once this information is verified, if everything is correct, you will be ready to receive the NFT in your wallet.

On our website in the pre-sale part, where it says "check your registration" write your email and you will receive the code.

Really easy using our webpage in NFTs section. Choose first your desire NFT and then click on it and you will be redirected to where you can complete the process.

This is a brainstorming contest that GYZMO has opened so that everyone can share their idea of ​​what the future GYZMO game would be. And if you're not very creative today ... how about you vote on other ideas and help GYZMO choose the best game?